Russian real estate market is experiencing another transition period. The struggle for money of solvent real estate consumers is growing.
Developers who implement residential projects have adopted a «cluster» approach. Nowadays new buildings are considered by consumers only with the commercial infrastructure. Residential quarters are built and developed as mini-towns: with their shopping centers, creative spaces, public catering etc.
But the most attractive for investment are new premium buildings: according to Savills, their profitability for the last year amounted to an average of 8% for resale with the purchase of finished housing and - in some cases - from 15% to 25% with a successful investment at the stage of preliminary sales before the construction and subsequent sale of the property upon completion of construction. In the event of the object being leased, the return on investment is estimated by brokers on average at 5% per annum.
Increasingly topicality is the issue of operational management of commercial real estate. One of the opportunities to receive additional income from the already constructed real estate is to make it «work on the second shift». In the world, this approach has been called the sharing economy. Its coverage can be very wide: daily offices in the evenings can turn into creative cafes or dance studios; «seasonal» accommodation facilities can provide space for small businesses working in the service sector; shops may appear attractive format «new second-hand», organized on the principle of a youth club, where the generation of «millenial» will exchange clothing and jewelry.

In Europe, the market volume of the «economy of cooperation» only in 2015 amounted to almost 30 billion euros, with economists talking about its explosive growth. With what and how Russia can respond to Europe, it is proposed to discuss at the conference of «Vedomosti».


Real estate developers, management companies, regulators, banks, analysts, brokers, media.For participants Exporeal admission is free.

Questions for discussions

  • Clustering as a well-established in the world format for the development of urban space.
  • Reconciliation VS development: why build a new one, when you can rebuild the old management. How to do it?
  • For new generations - new offices and shops: how to use the space that is being released in business centers, shopping and entertainment complexes and sell sales to consumers who do not want to buy anything?
  • New opportunities for investing in Russia: in the top list - premium real estate. Practical and legal aspects of its purchase for foreign citizens.