3 October. Day 1

9:30 am – 10:00 am. Participant registration and morning coffee

10:00 am – 11:30 am. Be in Trend. ONline & OFFline

Alexey Berlov, Partner, Eventum Premo
Alexander Shumovich, Partner, Eventum Premo

Topics for discussion
  • Transformation of the event format. Which events come to the forefront with the development of new technology?
  • Virtual and augmented reality: an industry-destroying stage or a source of new opportunities?
  • Intermixture of event solutions: synergy of online and offline. Rules of existing in two realities.
Natalia Bnatova, Brand PR and BTL Team Leader, Lexus Russia
Ivan Kuznetsov, PR-Director, Wargaming
Alexander Nikiforov, Marketing Manager, Bud
Jeff Pi, Partner, Studio Stare
Irina Uzikova, Industry Marketing Manager, SAP CIS

11:30 am – 12:00 noon. Coffee break

12:00 noon – 1:40 pm. Business & Marketing

Julia Zholya, Executive Director, NAOM

Topics for discussion
  • Productive marketing. How to maintain balance and get the most from your investment?
  • New formats and tools for working with an audience. What formats help draw in fresh blood?
  • Personalized mass management.
Kirill Obuh, Vice President of Marketing, Mail.ru Group
Dmitry Sergeev, Director of Communications, Miratorg
Anton Svekolnikov, Head of Corporate Communications and Events, Volvo Car Russia
Christopher Werth, Strategic Director, Vok Dams
Alexey Sidorov, Deputy General Director of a Specialized Company RZD Tour, holding RZD

1:40 pm – 2:30 pm. Lunch

2:30 pm – 3:30 pm. HR & Investment

Igor Polonski, Head, Rezhisserskaya versiya

Topics for discussion
  • The role of events in creating the employer's brand.
  • Which event tools motivate employees and increase their engagement?
  • Focus on the company's values. How do in-house events affect engagement and productivity?
  • How can the interests of employees and management be balanced when organizing corporate events?
  • Creating in-house event departments. Which events can be organized in-house, and in what cases should agencies be involved?
Marina Elagina, Director of Training and Internal Communications, Tele2
Andrey Safanyuk, Director of Organizational Development, Personnel and Administration, OBI
Iolanta Sarkisyan, Expert, Former Head of Internal Communications Department, Dellin
Andrey Savin, Event Manager, Qiwi

2:30 pm – 3:30 pm. Event in the regions: scenario of the success

Nikolay Andreev, Chairman of Board, NAOM
Julia Zholya, Executive Director, NAOM

Topics for discussion
  • Features of events of different scales in the regions: limitations and possibilities.
  • Interaction with the authorities. Local administration and company. Different ways of thinking and goals?
  • Increase in the flow of events of federal companies in the regions. Source of interest and ways to impact it.
  • Federal and regional event-agencies. From competition to partnership. Direct supplier or subcontractor? How can a regional agency be a subcontractor for large projects?
  • Postpayment. Client-Agency-Contractor. How to minimize risks: credit, insurance, formation of contracts.
  • Ways to optimize the internal structure of the company. Distribution and sales, to combine or to split?
Artem Baltadzhiev, Managing Partner, GC May
Alexander Koloshenko, Managing Partner, Studio Krylya
Vladislav Losev, Head, Forwind
Elena Shershakova, General Director, Art Premium Group
Ekaterina Sichkar, Director, Sichkar Group

3:30 pm – 4:00 pm. Coffee break

4:00 pm – 5:30 pm. Lifestyle & Sport

The number of sports events is increasing; brands want to identify themselves with sports and health as much as possible. The brightest events of the healthy lifestyle concept will be examined at the session.

Andrey Arikh, Sport Journalist, Professional Commentator; Managing Partner, Arikh Sport Production
Anfisa Voronina, Publisher, Vedomosti

Topics for discussion
  • HLS Territory. Sports + event: temporary or long-term trend in organizing events?
  • Prospects and characteristics of sponsor integration in events with sports themes.
  • Interaction and communication with authorities at the implementation stage of a sports event.
Irina Batyunina, Country Strategic Manager, Coca-Cola HBC Russia
Kamil Gadzhiev, President, Fight Nights Global
Andrey Kavun, CEO, Partner, Ironstar
Maxim Korshynov, Head of the Spartak stadium, Organising Committee FIFA World Cup Russia 2018
Andrey Toryanik, Operational Manager of the Luzhniki project; General Director, IQ Pro

5:30 pm. Afterparty

4 October. Day 2

09:00 am – 10:15 am. Participant registration and morning coffee. Prize drawings and gifts from partners

10:15 am – 11:30 am. Creative is my profession

Anna Varshavskaya, Partner, IQ Pro

Topics for discussion
  • How can a creative event be made on a limited budget?
  • How much does an idea cost? Is it possible to put a price on creativity?
  • Clients and agencies. Polarized views on creativity, how can a consensus be reached?
Evgeny Kadomsky, General Producer, Zerkalo Karlosa Santosa
Patrick Roubroeks, Founder, Creative Director, Xsaga
Denis Rtischev, Creative Producer, TV Show Vecherniy Urgantt

11:30 am – 12:00 am. Coffee break

12:00 am – 13:00 pm. Technology & Efficiency

The Russian market doesn't fully use technologies that are present in the global event industry. The future is mechanized and robotic. What technical solutions need to be bet on today in order to remain a leader in the future?

The session will present advanced technological solutions that increase the efficiency and level of an event: live broadcasting, online registration, mobile applications, instant messengers, augmented reality technology, robot consultants, drones, 3D photos, etc.

Stepan Danilov, Founder, CEO, Meyou
Andrey Toryanik, Operational Manager of the Luzhniki project; General Director, IQ Pro

Stepan Danilov, Founder, CEO, Meyou
Irina Petrova, Marketing Director, Julius Meinl
Oxana Salihova, General Director, Vein Technologies
Evgeny Stepanov, Development Director, Dreamlaser
Dmitry Znamenskiy, Producer of Multimedia Shows and Projects, Tundra

13:00 pm – 1:45 pm. Lunch

1:45 pm – 3:15 pm. Procurement & Internal customer

Victoria Tot, Chief Editor, Administrative Director Magazine

Topics for discussion
  • What principles does the client follow when choosing contractors? Experience, reputation, criteria.
  • How much does the tender procedure cost? Resources and time for preparation.
  • Secret budget. What is the reason for the non-disclosure of the budget in the brief?
  • The main reasons for the refusal of agencies to participate in the tender procedure?
  • What principles does the company follow when reducing the fee and how is this regulated?
Ekaterina Biriukova, Director of Procurement, Servier Russia
Alexandra Bogdan, Head of Internal Communications Department, TSUM
Alena Kulachenkova, Administrative Director, Shop & Show
Oksana Labunets, Administrative Director, Brayne
Alena Pavlyuchenkova, Head of Tender Department, Burger King Russia
Vera Scherbakova, Administrative Manager, Adidas
Svetlana Shulman, Head of Conferences and Events CIS, EY

3:15 pm – 3:45 pm. Coffee break

3:45 pm – 16:45 pm. It’s all about money

Alexander Shumovich, Partner, Eventum Premo

Topics for discussion
  • Evaluation of the event's effectiveness through the prism of money.
  • Distribution of budgets among promotion channels.
  • Tender procedures and profitability.
  • Pricing for creative services.
Denis Klementyev, Head of Special Projects, Orange Business Services
Elena Kravets, Marketing and Product Director, Jaguar Land Rover Russia
Irina Kutai, Head of Regional Category, Sanofi
Ekaterina Kutumova, Vice President of Marketing and Public Relations, PSN Group
Elena Lennikova, Indirect Purchasing Supervisor, Ford Sollers Holding
Alexander Safonov, Business Development Director, American Express Bank
Elena Svistunova, Strategic Operation Senior Buyer, Mars CIS
Oxana Trofimova, Head of Integrated Communications Department, Vimpelcom

4:45 pm. Afterparty