Blockchain in the Digital Economy
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International forum on the implementation of blockchain technologies
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АбелуБенуаОфициальный представитель по вопросам развития цифровых инноваций и технологии блокчейн главного управления по сетям связи, контенту и технологиямЕвропейская комиссия
АрхиповАлексейРуководитель направления развития технологии распределенного реестра«Финтех»
БекРоманПрофессор факультета информационных технологий в бизнесеЕвропейский блокчейн-центр – Университет информационных технологий Копенгагена
БобраковАнатолийЗаместитель генерального директора по корпоративным вопросам«Фонд развития Дальнего Востока и Байкальского региона»
ВельпуриМанохарДиректор; заместитель председателя; наблюдательAbsolutum soleil в Индии, Сингапуре, Швейцарии и Камбодже; ISO TC 307; UNIN
ДёминВладимирПредседатель правленияФонд «ВЭБ-Инновации»
ДьяченкоМаксимСооснователь, управляющий партнер«Петролеум трейдинг»
ЕськинЕвгенийРуководитель отдела казначейства«М.Видео-эльдорадо»
КачалинАлексейЗаместитель руководителя центра киберзащиты«Сбербанк»
КовнирЕвгений Генеральный директорАНО «Цифровая экономика»
ЛивадныйПавел Заместитель директораФедеральная служба по финансовому мониторингу (Росфинмониторинг)
МаркионниПьетроДиректор по стратегическим вопросамАгентство цифрового развития Италии
СахаровАлександрРуководитель блока информационных технологий«Альфа-банк»
СимбиринАндрейВице-президент; директор по инвестициям«Созвездие капитал»; «Основа»
СкворкВолкерПрофессор по встроенным системам; руководитель групп блокчейн и IoTГамбургский университет прикладных наук; координатор; ISO TC 307
СмирновАлександрДиректор юридического департамента«Московская биржа»
ШаккумМартинЗаместитель председателя комитета по финансовому рынку; председательГосударственная Дума РФ; Экспертный совет по законодательному обеспечению развития финансовых технологий


22 - 25 October 2018 – closed 4th meeting of ISO/TC 307 Blockchain and distributed ledger technologies

26 October 2018 – International forum on the implementation of blockchain technologies Blockchain in the Digital Economy

It is no longer a secret that blockchain is a crucial end-to-end technology of the digital economy helping make the economy more efficient. World leaders have long been touting this technology as the gateway to the future. According to research from the World Economic Forum, 10% of global GDP will be localized in the blockchain as early as 2027.

For businesses, the main motivation to implement the blockchain are process optimization and cost reduction. According to the Accenture consulting company, blockchain technology cuts expenses in the banking industry by an average of 30%. In fact, the rate of global blockchain implementation is very high already. Juniper Research, an American research center, concluded that as of August 2017, 57% of companies with more than 20 thousand employees are already implementing blockchain, or planning to do so. The technology is most frequently used in finance, while the main blockchain outsiders are the consumer and power industries. Experts believe that in Russia, blockchain will primarily be the most in-demand in the state and banking sectors, where the main objective is achieving transparency and protecting against data changes.

Within framework of the forum Blockchain in the Digital Economy, which will be held on 26th October, participants will discuss ideas and cases participants will exchange experience and expert opinions through discussions on ideas and cases on the development of blockchain-based projects, effective use of the technology, the role and place of public authorities in this process, and current solvable and unsolvable blockchain issues.


The leading players in the blockchain industry and community will be at the event, including representatives and managers of the largest Russian blockchain companies, large companies interested in the development of blockchain technologies, government authorities, exchanges and banks, brokerage and investment companies, financial institutions and payment systems, integrators, developers, equipment and software manufacturers, modern technology companies, as well as blockchain specialists, private investors, lawyers, analysts and industry experts.

Event format

Consecutive discussion sessions and case study presentations.


Russian and English.

Press for Russian

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26 October

26 October

08:30 - 09:00
09:00 - 10:00
Business briefing. Operation manual: blockchain on a turnkey basis
Session for those who do not understand whether blockchain is useful for their business

Focus of discussion
  • How to understand if blockchain is right for implementing specific business processes?
  • How to select a platform?
  • How to measure economic effects?
  • Where to start implementation?
  • Major mistakes of companies when adopting blockchain.
  • How to avoid unconscious investments that may not pay off?
  • When to expect economic benefits from implementation?
  • How to choose between public and private blockchain?
Sesssion participants
Модератор сессии
FinTech (Masterchain)
10:00 - 10:30
Coffee break
10:30 - 12:00
Discussion session 1. Blockchain as a potential catalyst for changes in the digital economy
Topics of discussion
  • Russia on the global digital agenda.
  • Blockchain's role in the Digital Economy.
  • How can blockchain impact the business climate and processes in Russia and the world?
  • Is the technology mature enough to be implemented in state administration?
  • Business process recalibration. How can organizations adopt new technologies more efficiently, and is it even necessary?
  • Is blockchain in need of standardization? Would it affect the technology's implementation?

European Commission
Absolutum Soleil in India, Singapore, Switzerland and Cambodia; ISO TC 307; UNIN
State Corporation Bank for Development and Foreign Economic Affairs (Vnesheconombank)
ANO Digital Economy
Agency for Digital Italy (AGID)
Russian Association of Cryptocurrency and Blockchain (RACIB)
12:00 - 12:30
Coffee break
12:30 - 14:00
Practical session 2. Applying blockchain technology: expectations and reality
Focus of discussion
  • Blockchain implementation issues in the framework of the current national and international legislation.
  • Fields and effectiveness of applying blockchain on a practical level. How did the company benefit?
  • Analysis of existing and pilot projects for the development of blockchain-based solutions.
  • Test performance experience: is there anything to gain?
  • Blockchain and current business processes: friends or enemies?
  • The functioning of decentralized systems in various jurisdictions. How is cross-border communication best performed?
  • Method of measuring the economic effect of the implementation.
European Blockchain Center – IT University of Copenhagen
Far East Development Fund
Petroleum Trading
M.Video-Eldorado Group
Sozvezdie Capital; Osnova
14:10 - 14:50
14:50 - 16:20
Special session. Blockchain for security and security for blockchain
Topics of discussion
  • Where is the line between transparency in technology and security?
  • Who should ensure personal data security and how?
  • Hard threats and security issues in blockchain systems.
  • Hacking. What projects are at risk?
  • Complying with ethics and the law while implementing projects in Russia.
  • Experience in the audit of information security of blockchain systems.
  • What is needed to create a secure blockchain system.
  • Using Russian cryptography. Legal reality.
16:20 - 16:30
16:30 - 18:00
Discussion session 3. International and Russian law for blockchain
Topics of discussion
  • Economic advantages and legal risks of blockchain technologies.
  • Crowdinvesting: current legal models. Regulatory sandboxes.
  • Smart contracts and issues of their legal significance.
  • Cryptocurrencies and tokens: legal guarantees of owners.
  • Digital economy and cyber-security issues.
  • The need for the Russian blockchain standard for legal significance.
Federal Financial Monitoring Service (Rosfinmonitoring)
Hamburg University of Applied Sciences; ISO TC 307
Moscow Exchange
State Duma of the Russian Federation; Expert Council on Legislative Support of Financial Technologies Development
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