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March 12, 2019
Cannes, Palais des Festivals
Plenary session
Building Commucity (Community+City):
How to create the future, communicating in the present


The development of the economy, society and new technologies transform the very concept of real estate. Long regarded as an investment asset or a means of saving, the latter, as a commodity, is now cluttered with service functions. Real estate projects no longer depend only on government policy or developers' business appetites; citizens are becoming increasingly involved in their discussion and implementation, both by means of public hearings and creating communities.
Cities, especially megacities, are confronted with the new and even more complex tasks of creating, developing and managing existing housing and non-residential facilities, infrastructure and public spaces. Urbanists say that the standardized-technocratic approach to construction that has prevailed until now should be replaced by a personalized approach to residential and public spaces created, taking into account gender, age, and similar characteristics. Industry standards are also necessary, but they should be brought closer to the needs of both the present and future population, who will have to live in the reality that developers build for them. Digital technologies and the new generation are breaking traditional industry conservatism: millennials and Z generation don't just need «smart houses», but also «smart cities», and in the future, perhaps even a «smart world».
Not just officials and investors should decide what our cities look like, but also urbanists and civil society in general.
Representatives of government agencies, developers, urbanists, analysts, consultants, members of public organizations and the media are invited to participate in the meeting.

Topics for discussion

  • New urban planning approaches: how can we construct buildings that stand the test of time?
  • How to breathe new life into outdated real estate: renovation and redevelopment
  • How to incorporate (especially in industrial housing) developer patterns and individual consumer requests
  • «Sustainable development», an integrated approach, energy efficiency and a developed infrastructure are must-have aspects for development in Russia; KURT pilot projects (integrated sustainable development of the territory)
  • How «smart» technologies influence the development of cities; what innovations, including foreign ones, can be adapted to the Russian real estate market
  • How can cities win when competing for investors' money: rating the investment attractiveness of Russian regions
  • The role of civil societies (communities) in the approval of development projects.