Marketing in China is developing rapidly and has already, for some time now, started to get ahead of the West. The main driver for the introduction of advanced technologies is the consumer's demand and rapidly changing communication channels. And what, in other countries, are the main methods of delivering information to the customer which work successfully, are already out-of-date as ineffective platforms and/or have found a new vector of development in China. Nowadays, China is the new Rome that sets trends in marketing.

For already several years, Chinese consumer market remains one of the most rapidly growing markets in the world. In this country one must always work in the environment of relentless competition, adjusting to technology development and transforming communication methods.

However, for Russia, China is yet an unexplored marvel with its specific platforms and closed access to the customer, with its mentality and language barrier.

To unravel mysteries of brand building and make headway in the Chinese market, as well as to be acquainted with groundbreaking directions of the global marketing, the «Vedomosti» business paper with administrative support of the Market Entry Atelier and the Eventum Premo holds the «Unexplored marketing» forum.

In the course of the forum cases will be introduced by:
  • Chinese companies promoting their products all over the world;
  • Chinese companies operating in Russia;
  • Russian companies operating in China.

Focus of the discussion:
  • Vectors of development and new channels in global marketing.
  • Visionary directions in the relentless competition mode. Techniques that work and don't work in China.
  • Comparative analysis of marketing in Russia and China. Special features of positioning of Chinese brands targeting Russian audience.
  • Experience of creation and introduction of Russian brands to the Chinese market. The portrait of the consumer in China: what content is needed.
  • Digital marketing: promotion of foreign brands in China and Chinese brands abroad. Social networks as the first step to localization.
  • Main trends in the making and promotion of videos and TV-commercials.

Forum attendance: 200+
Representatives of the leading companies in Europe and Asia; Business owners, CEOs, leaders in marketing, advertising and PR managers of the largest Russian companies, top-managers of advertising, creative, marketing, and event-agencies; professional consultants and leading experts in the field will participate in the event.


10:00–10:30. Open performance. Unexplored market

– The role of China in global economy grows year by year. Even now it is the largest consumer market in the world. However, because of the perception style, which is different from the European one, China is compared to a «Pandora's box» and not everyone is ready to take the risk of entering such a complex, although very attractive market. Meanwhile, knowing all the rules of working with the audience and building a balanced marketing strategy can make your work in China considerably easier. Participants of the forum will learn why the Chinese market is the fastest growing market, interesting facts about the specifics of consumption and marketing in China.

11:00–13:00. Session 1. It's all Chinese to me, or China as the leader of new marketing

– Long-lasting domination of counterfeit goods formed a stereotype that Chinese manufacturing is of bad quality a priori. But modern China has already been living by other rules for a long time. Rising number of middle class share among the population, a great number of competing companies, relentless restriction of communication channels contributed to the development of progressive marketing promotion instruments and building the new-generation marketing. In the course of the session, participants will discuss why it is China that dictates effective tendencies in marketing and advertising, what are main models of promotion that can be adopted from specialists of the Celestial Kingdom, similarities and differences of goods promotion in Russia and in China.

Special Presentation. Creativity in China
Katrin Güthoff, Managing Creative Director, Serviceplan (China)

Focus of the discussion:
  • Key trends in marketing and advertising in Europe and China. Do they have «residence permit» in Russia?
  • Contradiction theory as the driving force of development. How to promote a product in the environment of restricted communication channels and relentless competition.
  • What Chinese promotion methods work in Russia on a practical level?
  • Is it possible to gain love of the Chinese customer without leaving Russia?

14:00–16:00. Session 2. Digital marketing as a global trend.
– According to international studies, today, more than 60% of users do not want to receive impersonal offers but expect personalization based on their earlier actions. China has long ago chosen the Digital Marketing strategy and now dictates the main trends of development of this direction in the world. In China, more than 720 millions of people actively use Internet, and the figure grows with each passing day. It is not surprising, that China marketologists are recognized experts in the Digital Marketing. In course of the session, the speakers will explain and discuss the main trends and share their expertise with the participants of the forum.

Special Presentation. Digital-marketing in China
Pete Lin, Managing Director, Co-founder, We Are Social (China)

Focus of the discussion:
  • DM: what marketologists and customers are to expect and prepare for in the near future and over a 5-year horizon.
  • Building long-term relations with the customer based on the social behaviour analysis – from theory to successful application.
  • Big Data of a new level: user data and preference analyses, personalization, effective communication and monetization.
  • Building visually-oriented offers as a key to the heart of a modern customer. Interactive presentation and other instruments of visualization.
  • Social media marketing. How to influence trust and love to a brand by chat-applications and groups.

16:00–17:30. Session 3. Best practices. Adventures of a Russian brand in China

– In the last several years, China became a pretty attractive market for the Russian business. However, difficulty of translation, unique mentality, restricted communication instruments, and relative closedness and isolation of the Chinese market create barriers that are difficult to overcome. The main rule that works here is: if you want to operate in China, be ready to compete with the whole world. In the course of the session, the participants will talk about actual practices and cases, negative and positive work experience in China.

Focus of the discussion:
  • What are the features of promotion on the Chinese market and how it is different from the Russian market. What works and does not work in China.
  • Life hacks from a practitioner. Choosing a marketing agency: what are the main rules and what you should consider in advance.
  • Confrontation with reality: specificity of the Chinese market and interesting features of its customer.
  • How to achieve brand loyalty and to assemble a team. What has to be changed at once in the Russian approach to building a business?
  • How does one position a product and build communication in the highly competitive environment?

Discussion participants:
Denis Chernobayev, CEO, Dodo Pizza China
Lev Kassil, Manager of the brand office in Russia and CIS, Sugarpova
Elena Shifrina, Foundress, BioFoodLab

18:00–18:30. The Speaker Speech. Video content in China
Jeff Pi, Managing Partner, Studio Stare (China)

– Visual perception takes the top lines of the best instruments for communication with the customer. According to the Demand Metric research, 90% of respondents point out the enormous growth of importance of video content in marketing and advertising, 76% of them use video for the social media, and 81% for the company web-site promotion. However, in Russia so far, the standard approaches of image formation and its translation still prevail generally. In the case of a special presentation, a recognized expert in video content, Chinese businessman, TV editor, composer, producer Jeff Pi will talk about:
  • Why everything has changed and why it is necessary to look to the new trends of creating and presenting the content.
  • What picture a modern consumer needs.
  • How to influence your clients by video content.
  • How to create successful advertising campaigns.