Since coming into force in 2013, the support mechanism for RES has undergone many changes and adjustments. The investors have faced a number of challenges and barriers that were considered and analyzed by the Government.
To some extent, the year 2017 has become a turning point for the renewable energy sector in Russia. Finally, when the major disagreements were resolved, the RES segment was filled with lively competition for the right to implement projects and receive a return on investment through the support mechanism. The most active in the competitive selection in 2017 was the wind power, which until that moment, was stagnant and wasn't attracting market participants. The question, which is still open at the moment, is localization of production. Will the equipment manufacturers implement their plans on time in the face of the new sanctions and continued pressure from financial markets? Will the announced support volume be sufficient to ensure the proper load of the industrial enterprises until 2024? Will the RES sector receive support after the end of the current mechanism and what will it be like? What are the prospects for retail and microgeneration? You will find answers to these and other questions at the 6th conference of Vedomosti, The Future of Renewable Energy in Russia.


09:30–10:00. Participant registration

10:00–12:00. Session 1. Development of RES in Russia. What should investors expect?

Topics for Discussion
  • The investors' attitude to the current mechanism. Have all the barriers been lifted?
  • What awaits the sector after the end of the CSA program. What support measures will be offered to the market participants?
  • What scenario allows Russian RES equipment compete in foreign markets?
  • Should we expect new foreign investors?
12:00–12:30. Coffee break

12:30–14:00. Session 2. Localization of equipment production for generating facilities of RES: current trends

Topics for Discussion
  • How is the production of solar panels developing and what technologies will help Russian producers take a worthy place on the world stage?
  • Which elements of the wind power generation equipment will be produced in Russia: development plans.
  • Do small HPPs have a chance for the development with the existing localization level?
  • Will the announced support volume be sufficient to ensure the proper load of the industrial enterprises until 2024?
  • Managing the life cycle of power stations based on renewable energy. Service contract and the pitfalls of exploitation.

14:00–15:00. Lunch break

15:00–16:30. Session 3. Prospects for the development of retail and microgeneration based on RES

In 2015, the mechanism of support for RES for the retail market was adopted. It was supposed to open additional investment opportunities and at the same time, ensure an increase of the RES share in the country's energy balance that exceeds the volumes for the wholesale market. However, this segment is developing much slower. What scares investors and how to change the situation?

16:30–18:00. Cocktail reception