Diversification and demonopolization of the Russian economy is proceeding in an uneven pace with many industries not yet affected by the changes. The railway transportation industry remains one of the key sectors of the economy that still lacks a final development strategy. Ministries, agencies, monopolies and private operators are debating about what the final model of the railway transportation market should look like. Which model will the state ultimately choose? Will the demonopolization of transportation become a means to support and diversify the economy? Can we rely on international best practices to choose the most efficient and painless – both for the state and private companies – approach to the development of the industry?

The expert discussion within the framework of the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum 2017, organized by the Vedomosti Newspaper, will bring together representatives of ministries, agencies, state companies, private operators, leading economists, and analysts to discuss an efficient model for the development of the railway transportation market.

Key Topics
  • Which destination model of the railway transportation market corresponds with strategic goals of the state on the strengthening of the economy?
  • Is the economic development possible without demonopolization in the transportation industry now?
  • How can we overcome the deficit of investment and barriers to its inflow?
  • What options for the promotion of competition in transportation are acceptable for all the parties involved in this sector?
  • Success stories: applying the best international practices when implementing the final model of the market.
A special invitation is required to attend. Only for registered participants of SPIEF 2017.