In 2016 5.6 million tourists visited Crimea, which is 21.2 % more than last year*. The Department of Tourism and Recreation of Crimea claims that the tourism industry will keep growing this year. However, a number of experts fear the opposite will happen. Among the main factors that can affect the outflow of tourists are the resumption of flights to Turkey and Egypt and the strengthening of the rouble.
Experts will discuss what steps the peninsula’s government needs to take to support Crimea’s
image as a competitive all-season travel destination at the discussion panel «Crimea’s tourist industry: transformations in a constrained environment».

Topics for discussion
  • Main issues hindering the development of internationally competitive resorts in Crimea. What issues need to be addressed first?
  • Marketing as a part of building a competitive image.
  • Developing the infrastructure of resort cities: fruitful communication between local government and business representatives.
  • Possible solutions to the transport issues and ways to cut logistics costs.
  • Crimea's tourist market pricing: competitive analysis and strategy planning.
Speakers at the session
Grant Babasyan, CEO at Miriya Resort & Spa
Alexander Gubskiy, Deputy Chief Editor, the Vedomosti newspaper
Svetlana Dodonova, Director, ANO «Civilization «Russia»
Alexander Zheleznyak, Deputy director, Center for the Development of Tourism, Sevastopol
Kira Zakharova, Managing director at Villa Elena Hotel & Residences
Alexey Konyushkov, Deputy Head, The Federal Agency for Tourism (Rosturizm)
Elena Krivenkova, Member of the General Council, Chairman of Committee on Hospitality Industry, «Delovaya Rossiya»
Stanislav Krisin, Head of the administration of Feodosia, the Republic of Crimea
Anna Nerozina, Deputy Minister, Ministry of Resorts and Tourism of the Republic of Crimea
Anton Tikhomirov, Deputy Head of the administration of Yalta, the Republic of Crimea
Andrew Filonov, Head of the administration of Evpatoria, the Republic of Crimea
Tamara Chernykh, CEO at UPRO GROUP
Sergey Schegolev, Managing partner at Happy Seasons Hotels Group
* According to data provided by the Ministry of Resorts and Tourism of the Republic of Crimea.