A plenary session on behalf of Russia

Name: From smart city to empathic city

Summary: Rather than simply putting up buildings we need to create a comfortable living environment for people

The real estate sector is changing fast, leaving behind methods and technologies that were once regarded as fundamental. The downtown area in a city has long since ceased to be the only center of interest for residents and the mono-centric model of urban development has now been replaced by the poly-centric model, at least in Russia. And now it's not just Moscow that's implementing a renovation program, the initiative has been taken up in Russia's other regions as well. And we're not just talking about residential housing but about public housing and the entire urban environment as a whole.

Residential estates on the outskirts of cities are being upgraded with a broad range of new housing being built in every price categories: the new housing is comprised not only of low cost units but also more expensive and high quality offerings. Additionally, new residential estates come complete with retail, entertainment and social infrastructure, created through private investments with the state pitching in more and more in recent years (for example, the My Neighborhood program in Moscow).

As the State plays an ever increasing role in the real estate market it's also introducing new rules: from 1 July 2019, Russia's construction industry switched to escrow accounts to provide maximum protection for real estate buyers and bank loans are now being used more and more as a source of financing. The new rules for raising funds are forcing developers to look for ways to design and build real estate faster, better and with fewer mistakes. Almost all developers are now saying that they're creating comfortable environments rather than constructing concrete blocks.

Thus, the poly-centric development model is being supplemented, if not replaced, by a model in which the focus is on the people who will live there and their needs and interests.


Management, heads of development and employees of developer companies, contractors, designers and architects, analysts, real estate agents and consultants. As well as representatives of the Ministry of Construction, Dom.RF, the construction sector of Moscow, regional development corporations.

Key topics to be discussed

  • How will business completely revamp the construction industry to meet customer needs?
  • How do we go about making our cities safe, comfortable and in general great places to work and live in for various social strata of society? How do we integrate migrants into our cities without stepping on anybody's toes?
  • Which developers will weather out the changes in the construction market?
  • How is the development of cross-partner programs with retail, communications, service and IT companies going to help developers better meet customer expectations?
  • What new technologies are going to help developers not just survive but actually make their business more profitable?
  • Is a revival of green construction possible in Russia?